How do I book a trip on the “Orient Express”?

  Through Planet Rail (of course…)! Though it will be on the Venice Simplon Orient Express as the traditional Orient Express is technically retired at the time of writing. There are many vendors out there selling a wide range of products and services related to the Venice Simplon Orient Express but here at Planet Rail we… Read more »

How Much Does The “Orient Express” Cost?

How much is it to travel on the “Orient Express”? A great question we often get asked is ‘How much is the Orient Express?’ Well, again, the “Orient Express” doesn’t technically exist at the time of writing, but the Venice Simplon Orient Express, run and managed by Belmond Ltd. and using original Orient Express rolling… Read more »

Where Does The “Orient Express” Go?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is “where does the Orient Express go?” This is a little bit complicated so we had better start at the beginning… The ‘Orient Express’ was a regular scheduled train service which ceased to operate in 2009. The train often thought of now as the “Orient… Read more »

October 10, 2014 I had requested some free time this morning. As it was damp again we decided to check out the pool. And what a treat the pool here is. It is dark with mood lighting and gentle music, the floor of the pool is like sand with starfish and shell embedded into it… Read more »

Train Holiday Memoirs – A Planet Rail Customer’s Account of their Train Holiday to Switzerland & Italy by Rail Part 13

October 4, 2014 It was quite sad sitting on our little balcony overlooking the Bay of Naples yesterday – our last day in Sorrento. Although the area is so commercialised and busy we both loved the views and especially the Amalfi coast. It’s an absolute must for anyone interested in beautiful sea vistas! Although we… Read more »