Day trip: Historic Bath on the Belmond British Pullman

Prices from £425 per person

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Dates: Various dates throughout the year from May to November 2022

May – Wednesday 18th*

June – Wednesday 15th

July – Wednesdays 6th and 20th

August – Wednesday 17th

September – Wednesday 14th*

October – Wednesday 19th

November – Wednesday 9th

*Steam-Hauled on these dates. Prices from £615 per person

Departing from London at approximately 09:30 and returning the same day at 19:45. Confirmed timings will be supplied with your travel documents.

Your Journey

Join the Belmond British Pullman as you journey to Britain’s best-preserved Georgian city. You have free time to explore Bath at your leisure – its many highlights include the historic Roman Baths and Pump Room, museums, antiques shops and chic boutiques.

What to Wear

Smart day-wear is appropriate; please do not wear jeans or trainers. Do remember to wear sensible shoes as you will be outdoors for part of your time in Bath.


The Belmond British Pullman

The Belmond British Pullman is glorious in every respect. Originally conceived as “Palaces on Wheels” by George Mortimer Pullman, each lavishly appointed carriage is an original 1920s and 30s masterpiece from the golden age of rail travel.

Lovingly restored with breath-taking attention to detail, each car is a symphony of intricate marquetry, inlaid mosaic floors, sparkling crystal and beautiful Art Deco design.

Relax within deeply upholstered armchairs and celebrate the sovereignty of Britain’s gloriously unique heritage. Sip champagne and embrace an element of the world’s most romantic and exclusive adventure.

The Belmond British Pullman can carry up to 226 passengers and the carriages seat between 20 and 26 passengers in each. On board passengers are seated in either ‘coupé’s’ (small compartments seating up to four people) or in the open car mostly at tables for two. There is a limited number of single tables and tables for three in the open car.


The Belmond British Pullman takes its name from George Mortimer Pullman, an American, who in 1864 built The Pioneer, the first railway carriage designed with true comfort for the passenger. The later creation of the Pullman Car Company in 1882 led to his domination of luxury train travel in Britain from that time onwards.

These luxury day cars formed the train that would take passengers from London to the English Channel ports as part of the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, as well as travelling the length and breadth of Great Britain.

The history of the train lies in the individual carriages which today form the Belmond British Pullman. The carriages have changed hands many times during their lifetime and bring with them stories and events which give them their unique character.