Our Carbon Neutral Pledge

While climate change has become ever more prevalent in everyday life, we have always strongly believed that we need to protect our planet wherever possible to allow others to enjoy adventures and experiences for generations to come.

This ethos was a major contributing factor in the creation of Planet Rail over a decade ago; offering a viable option for travellers looking to discover new places and create memories around the world with a minimum of air travel and the associated carbon footprint.

For example, a flight from London Heathrow direct to Venice’s Marco Polo airport generates 540kg of CO2 per couple travelling in Business/First Class. The same journey via First Class Rail would emit 70kg of CO2 for a couple travelling – representing an 87% reduction over flying.

Of course, rail travel does have an impact, albeit more modest than some other forms of transport. Here at Planet Rail, we have tried to reduce this as far as possible, being conscious that we need to contribute wherever we can to minimise the negative effect that CO2 production through travel has on our climate.

Thanks to a strong and productive partnership with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare, we are delighted to confirm that we are taking our climate-conscious approach a stage further: all of our rail holidays are now officially carbon neutral – including those in Europe that include flights.

We do this by calculating the CO2 emitted through the various forms of travel for each trip and then supporting projects to remove or avoid the emission of the same amount. This is called carbon offsetting. Offsetting not only helps reduce our residual impact on the environment but also supports transformational projects that improve lives in communities all around the world.

Let’s not forget though, travelling by rail is, of course, far more than just a greener form of travel.

The leisurely pace and opportunity to watch beautiful, ever-changing scenery as you discover new cities, countries and even continents is, quite rightly, a truly unique and addictive experience. One which will, we hope, now contribute to combatting our planet’s climate change, so that future generations can share the wonderful experience of rail travel and discovery.